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Updates 10/1

Well we’ve got the distribution venues picked out for publishing the print and play of Ponyfight!?  but unfortunately we’ve lost a few of our artist due to prior engagements.  That said things are progressing quickly and we’re looking on having things done next week.


I’ve also been working on something called “Modular Episodic Gameplay”.  M.E.G.  is a system that uses a simple format, tropes, events, and characters to create an emersive and quirky gameplay experience.

I’ll be working on a few different games involving this system after ponyfight!? is completed.


I’ve been doing a lot lately with card formats and UI with a card game that I’m going to help kickstart.  I’ve also been working more with character sheet layout and recently made an iron claw character sheet, that clears up the space a bit.

Not very pretty but a decent amount more functional.


I’ve been working on some concept work.  Improving on some basic observation.

I think it turned out pretty good!