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Starting Momentum

I’ve been in the preplanning process for a very long time for several projects.  I’ve finally started animating again. My goal is to get enough good material for a demo reel.  I’ve also recently downloaded the unreal editor.  My goal is to make a free to play sample level a game.  It’ll be a sample for a game to kickstart that’ll be either stand alone rpg or mmo that mixes alice in wonderland styles with the best of pastamancy. The final product will depend on what I can scrounge together for a team and for server space.  This is very rough so far so it’ll be a while until full concept art and planning designs will be up.

In the mean time, thanks for sticking with my blog!  I’m going to make sure to update once a week.  Even if all I have to show for it is… well… this!


Here are the profiles for the 3 main characters of the new series I’m working on: “The Amazing Mr. Meowsky”. They give a broad overview of the characters and a turnaround with expression close-ups.
I know I haven’t shared too much about the project one here, so hope this helps!Brody_Character_Profilexl-01



update 5-20

Hi all! I’ve been busy lately with some necessary life stuff. I’m making !y goal to regularly post on my websites. I’ve been rolling around a series idea that I used on a pitch to nickelodeon. It didn’t make the top 3 or so, but I’ m going to bdo more with it. I’m not sure if I want to make it as a web comic or a series of animated shorts. It’s “The Amazing Mr. Meowsk”. I’m going to be going a little more mad science and horror theme than the original concept. Also, I’m in the process of making a 2D demo reel and have some concept work done for a 3D action plarfom RPG.

Here it is in all of it’s glorious-ness. It’s been 1 year of off an on working on this, and I’ve learned a lot in that year about animaiton and where I want to eventually go with it. But for now, sit back and enjoy the fun, silly animaited shenanigans.

The straight through animation can be found here:
Ponyville Tryouts on Youtube

I also created an interactive version of it, which can be found here:
Ponyville Tryouts on Deviantart

Just a quick update

Hey everyone! This is just a quick working update.  Since Ponyfight?! Is completed and I haven’t been able to find stable work yet, I’m going to be looking into getting support to go back to school this spring.  I’ll also be attempting a quick animation a week kind of deal.  It’s been a long, tough road trying to break into the animation industry after my em3:trainingU247 job, but hopefully all my work with tutorials, game design, and the internship will pay off.

After all this time and work, we’ve finally got the game up on drive thru cards.

Ponyfight Cover Page-01You can find it here:

go check it out!  The rulebook is free to download and if you’re interested, the game is only 2$ for print and play.

This is the first game from out studio and we hope you enjoy it.

So if ponies knocking the stuffing out of each other in a competative gladiator type environment sounds like fun, make sure to click the link!


Updates 10/1

Well we’ve got the distribution venues picked out for publishing the print and play of Ponyfight!?  but unfortunately we’ve lost a few of our artist due to prior engagements.  That said things are progressing quickly and we’re looking on having things done next week.


I’ve also been working on something called “Modular Episodic Gameplay”.  M.E.G.  is a system that uses a simple format, tropes, events, and characters to create an emersive and quirky gameplay experience.

I’ll be working on a few different games involving this system after ponyfight!? is completed.

I’m going to be attempting to start up the tutorial site again, since I’ve got a little bit more time available now.  I’m aiming to post something every Wednesday.  I have a link on the right hand side of the screen called: “Christy’s flash class”.  You’re welcome to check it out.  I’ve got 3 tutorials so far and this recent one I’ve done some had some gifs I did for it.  They’re really simple, but kinda fun.

WordPress doesn’t work with gifs well, but if you click on them a few times, it gives you a window where you can see it working.  If they’re not working, they’ll be in the blanks that follow.




T3P3 T3P4 T3P10

Production Update: Ponyfight!?

I’ve finally gotten the preproduction of Ponyfight!? done.  That means it’s just up to me and my production staff to get the card assets in and ready. Ben’s finalizing the rulebook and we have one person working on the next steps of production design.  Looks like the print and play will be moved back to Wednesday next week, rather than Friday of this week.  We’re almost there and in the home stretch.

Stay tuned for more details!

Update from the Land of Ponies

So, as many people know, I’ve been working on an animation for a few hours a week when I have the time.  It’s been slow going, because of my schedule, but it’s almost done.  All I have left is some lip syncing and a few cat assets.

Here are some of the final stills:





The main reason for the lack of time has been my involvement in Rocket Corgi Games and the creation of our print and play card game, “Ponyfight!?”  It’ll launch in a few weeks, once all the assets are completed and it’s an action packed, competitive card game that’s a lot of fun.  Here are a few examples of some of the assets I’ve been working on:

PonyfightRoster BWPF Reference Cards-01 PFCards2-01