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Here are the profiles for the 3 main characters of the new series I’m working on: “The Amazing Mr. Meowsky”. They give a broad overview of the characters and a turnaround with expression close-ups.
I know I haven’t shared too much about the project one here, so hope this helps!Brody_Character_Profilexl-01




Well I’ve been taking a break from the land of flash puppets lately and am planning a few hand drawn animations.  For this, I’ve been doing character reference and pose work for the main characters.

The first animation is going to be a normal-ish girl going to a furry convention for the first time.

Animation Poses-02

The Next animation will be about a mouse who draws pictures and the come to life off of the page.

Animation Poses-01


Here it is in all of it’s glorious-ness. It’s been 1 year of off an on working on this, and I’ve learned a lot in that year about animaiton and where I want to eventually go with it. But for now, sit back and enjoy the fun, silly animaited shenanigans.

The straight through animation can be found here:
Ponyville Tryouts on Youtube

I also created an interactive version of it, which can be found here:
Ponyville Tryouts on Deviantart

Well with the print and play out and the print on demand version of Ponyfight scheduled to release as soon as we get the proofs, here’s some of my favorite Item assets that I did.

AssetReview-01While it’s not quite as animated as the ponies are, I’m still pretty proud of all the illustrator work I put in to make this game a reality.


After all this time and work, we’ve finally got the game up on drive thru cards.

Ponyfight Cover Page-01You can find it here:

go check it out!  The rulebook is free to download and if you’re interested, the game is only 2$ for print and play.

This is the first game from out studio and we hope you enjoy it.

So if ponies knocking the stuffing out of each other in a competative gladiator type environment sounds like fun, make sure to click the link!


I’ve had the chance lately to make some sample pirate characters.  Unfortunately the client went with some other design styles, but they are allowing me to post these.  I hope you enjoy them.

ArmCptnBrass_CHernandezLoRes LegCptnBrass_CHernandezLoRes VanillaCptnBrass_CHernandezLoRes

Con Book Pictures

I made some pictures recently to help out the guys at Indie Fur Con.  It’s august 9-11th in Indianapolis.  Go check em out!



Linework Thursday

I’ve been working on my linework lately.  Much thanks goes out to the model: Sarah Golenia

Illustrations Updated

Here’s a few of the illustrations I’ve done in better views.  I hope you like them!

Concept Work

Here’s a piece of concept work from a new setting called  Eclipse Phase. It’s a new setting made in Chicago and it’s got a lot of potential.