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Here are the profiles for the 3 main characters of the new series I’m working on: “The Amazing Mr. Meowsky”. They give a broad overview of the characters and a turnaround with expression close-ups.
I know I haven’t shared too much about the project one here, so hope this helps!Brody_Character_Profilexl-01




Here it is in all of it’s glorious-ness. It’s been 1 year of off an on working on this, and I’ve learned a lot in that year about animaiton and where I want to eventually go with it. But for now, sit back and enjoy the fun, silly animaited shenanigans.

The straight through animation can be found here:
Ponyville Tryouts on Youtube

I also created an interactive version of it, which can be found here:
Ponyville Tryouts on Deviantart

It’s not much, but it was a bunch of guesswork as to positioning of bodies. Hope you like it!

Cats Playing Motion Study from Christina Hernandez on Vimeo.

This one’s pretty short, but not bad.

Raven Turn Motion Study from Christina Hernandez on Vimeo.

Raven Flight Motion Study

This is a simple raven motion study I just did, with the motion of flight.

Raven Flight Motion Study from Christina Hernandez on Vimeo.

Here’s another quick animation in at least a couple to come and hopefully, it’ll help with future animations.

Well with the print and play out and the print on demand version of Ponyfight scheduled to release as soon as we get the proofs, here’s some of my favorite Item assets that I did.

AssetReview-01While it’s not quite as animated as the ponies are, I’m still pretty proud of all the illustrator work I put in to make this game a reality.


I’m going to be attempting to start up the tutorial site again, since I’ve got a little bit more time available now.  I’m aiming to post something every Wednesday.  I have a link on the right hand side of the screen called: “Christy’s flash class”.  You’re welcome to check it out.  I’ve got 3 tutorials so far and this recent one I’ve done some had some gifs I did for it.  They’re really simple, but kinda fun.

WordPress doesn’t work with gifs well, but if you click on them a few times, it gives you a window where you can see it working.  If they’re not working, they’ll be in the blanks that follow.




T3P3 T3P4 T3P10

Update from the Land of Ponies

So, as many people know, I’ve been working on an animation for a few hours a week when I have the time.  It’s been slow going, because of my schedule, but it’s almost done.  All I have left is some lip syncing and a few cat assets.

Here are some of the final stills:





The main reason for the lack of time has been my involvement in Rocket Corgi Games and the creation of our print and play card game, “Ponyfight!?”  It’ll launch in a few weeks, once all the assets are completed and it’s an action packed, competitive card game that’s a lot of fun.  Here are a few examples of some of the assets I’ve been working on:

PonyfightRoster BWPF Reference Cards-01 PFCards2-01

Some Assets from my Internship

So I haven’t been able to post most of what I’ve been working on based on the secretive nature of my work, be it intership, commission, or Art Test with materials or concepts owned by others.  Recently, though, I’ve been doing assets for my internship and because of the production process I’ve had some that are too realistic for the art style of the series.  So I’ve gotten permission to post them and here they are! 🙂

So now I can show you guys some samples of my recent Flash work!

Unused Aiko Egor Assets

Phase 2 Complete!

Phase 2 of 3 of the Ponies Fan Piece is completed:  This means animated body shapes, arms, hair, and most of the props.  57 hours of flash in the last 3 1/2 days, but I’m finally at a decent working point to start the wrap up stuff.  Last stage is eyes, mouths, effects, and some of the side characters.  Here are some examples for the production journal.  I’ll be away from the computer 21st-27th so I’m trying to get some of my major work posted so expect more updates soon! fishy fishy2 fishy3 java Java2 midnight Midnight2 sunshine