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Here are the profiles for the 3 main characters of the new series I’m working on: “The Amazing Mr. Meowsky”. They give a broad overview of the characters and a turnaround with expression close-ups.
I know I haven’t shared too much about the project one here, so hope this helps!Brody_Character_Profilexl-01




Well I’ve been taking a break from the land of flash puppets lately and am planning a few hand drawn animations.  For this, I’ve been doing character reference and pose work for the main characters.

The first animation is going to be a normal-ish girl going to a furry convention for the first time.

Animation Poses-02

The Next animation will be about a mouse who draws pictures and the come to life off of the page.

Animation Poses-01


I’ve had the chance lately to make some sample pirate characters.  Unfortunately the client went with some other design styles, but they are allowing me to post these.  I hope you enjoy them.

ArmCptnBrass_CHernandezLoRes LegCptnBrass_CHernandezLoRes VanillaCptnBrass_CHernandezLoRes

Lately I’ve been working on some character sheets using a mix of both illustrator (for linework) and photoshop (for shading/texturing).  Currently, I’m okayed to post one of them.  If, in the future, I can post the pirate characters, I’ll update this post with them.  Until then, I give you an anthro character: Montag comission.


I’ve been working on some concept work.  Improving on some basic observation.

I think it turned out pretty good!


Old Concept Work

Since compiling my gallery, some of my concept work isn’t really viewable. So here it is, for your enjoyment.

Concept Work

Here’s a piece of concept work from a new setting called  Eclipse Phase. It’s a new setting made in Chicago and it’s got a lot of potential.

I’ve been thinking of a webcomic idea lately.
These two are time cops from the distant future masquerading as innocent critters.
I’m going off of the classic good cop/retarded cop dynamic with these guys both messing up and fixing historical events.