Super Death Corgi

This is a game that I’m developing in conjunction with the Tigbun Arts team. We’re waiting on the pitch video to be completed before launching the kickstarter, but the prototype can be found here:

Sprinkler Technical Animation

This is an animation that I did as a sample piece. The audio isn’t included, however, due to possible copywrite issues.

Training Video Sample (No Audio) from Christina Hernandez on Vimeo.

Gifs for my Tutorial Site
These are some gifs I did for my tutorial site.  If they don’t play for you, they’ll work by double clicking on the blanks where the gifs should be.

T3P10 T3P4 T3P3 T3P2

Humidifier Technical Animation

This is a technical animation I did as part of a test. It’s entirely self generated using vector art, flash, and a little action script.
The peice is called: Humidifier.

Creepy Bush Animation

This is a character rig in Flash I did. The character is pretty creepy, but I think it turned out pretty cool.